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About Us

Bra Friend was invented by Merica Fooks























We have both been wearing our Bra Friend for over a year and LOVE it!  We compared notes and agreed that:

  • it is soft and comfortable

  • we cannot even tell we are wearing it

  • it absorbs moisture

  • it holds up under a year’s worth of machine washing

  • it keeps odor from developing

  • it makes under-wire bras more comfortable!


We sincerely hope this product will bring you

comfort and relief.

In 2015, I invented Bra Friend because of a serious rash that I would get under my breasts that was very raw and painful.  I discovered that the rash had a medical term, “intertrigo”. It is very common in women because of the warm, and often moist, environment found under the breasts.

When I went for my mammogram, the technician told me that she often sees terrible rashes and she would love to see it on the market. She was my inspiration for sewing Bra Friend for women around the world!



My dear sister was my other inspiration! She is a gardener and a florist in Omaha, Nebraska. The hot and humid weather would cause her to perspire and she would have to change her t-shirt and her bra after any gardening.

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